Case #1: Boogie, Kart v1.3

Sharing Boogie’s first try in *almost* walking normally. 🙂

**This was his kart v1.3, it looks a lot better now <v2.5, lol>..well, same thing minus the yellow rag, actually. Hehe. 😀

Doesn’t he look happier? 😀 Enjoy watching!

Date: 21 May 2011

Location: Street namen? Wenk.

Thanks to kuya for capturing the moment and mom who worked hard on Boogie’s kart while I was in dreamland. Hahaha!


Case #1: Boogie, A Follow Up

2 days after we took Boogie to Knight’s vet, mom and I agreed it is best that we took Boogie home. With the family. And with Knight.

Tough decision, if you ask me. Knight has always been our baby and I didn’t know how he would react if we suddenly took a new dog home with us. But whatever it was that was holding us back, it was overshadowed by the fact that Boogie’s alone, sleeping in a trike, no proper home and no one to take care of him the way he deserves to be treated. I couldn’t sleep well thinking he’s probably cold at night, or is baking in that trike when the sun’s up high.. Not to mention that the people who claims to be some good samaritans don’t really know how to take care of a dog.. much less someone like Boogie with special needs.

I sent a message to Knight’s vet asking if it was okay to take Boogie to them so we can have his fur shaved. I love Boogie, looks and all.. but the ticks and fleas that come with him are a big NO NO. I mean, it’s hard enough that we have to keep Knight from being infested with those blood-sucking shittes..what the hell should we do if we actually brought the tick-mother-ship home with us *cough*Boogie*cough*?

Boogie's actual picture taken at around 10.53AM today, 18 May 2011. Yes, those dots are ticks and fleas. 😐

These wounds are from the many months that he had to drag himself around due to his hind legs' inability to walk.

Anyhow,  without checking any replies, I arranged to bring Boogie to the vet, only to be disappointed when we were told that the groomer wasn’t available. 😦

Thankfully, there was a fellow dog-lover who saw Boogie’s situation and suggested we go to Animal House — we were told they always have a groomer. So without appointments or anything, we braved the roads with Boogie in a *pathetic* box as his “carrier.”  After all, we were only going there for grooming..right? Poor little lump was prolly stressed from everything that’s been happening to him.. but I guess this is the best for him, too.

The Animal House on Jupiter Street, Makati City.

Besides the long wait (too many other patients), I would say everything was great. We met a vet that sounded very much like Kuya Kim with all the information he was giving us about Boogie plus he showed us how to properly clean Boogie’s wounds.

*The following images are not for the faint of heart.

Boogie's wounds.

Teary-eyed Boogie..

The wounds were cleaned and bandaged.


Wawa pa rin..

This was taken while the doctor was finishing up on Boogie's legs.

Boogie was so brave while the doctor was cleaning his wounds. We were told that his liver and kidney tests showed the organs are okay.. what bothered the vet was the white blood cells’ count. He said it is currently at an alarming level so he prescribed another antibiotic and ferrous sulfate for Boogie.

I’ve actually spent more than 2 grand with all that was done on Boogie (CBC, blood test for liver and the kidneys, cleaning and maintenance) from the Animal House alone. Another 2 grand for the shopping I did since Boogie will be staying with us at home..he just can’t stay inside the house yet. I got him a cage, some necessities and another P500 for his prescription.

It’s stiff..I know. But like what we’ve told the vet when he commended us for doing something like this even when Boogie isn’t ours.. we’re not doing this in the hopes that Boogie will be able to walk again.. we are doing this because we want Boogie to feel alive and happy even in his current state. Hopefully.. in 2~3 month’s time, he’ll be a happy dog again.

I’m praying every day that he’d be well soon.. I sure would love to see him run around with Knight one day. 🙂

Case #1: Boogie

Boogie is an Aspin, an asong Pinoy, and he’s hurt. The manong trike driver who drove mom, Boogie and I to the vet said he’s probably around 3~4 years old. He also said that Boogie’s owner had somewhat “abandoned” him. As it is, Boogie’s owner had to be placed in a rehabilitation center (drugs, maybe?) and so Boogie was left to fend for himself.

*Actual pictures of Boogie to be posted soon.

Apparently, sometime between December 16~25, 2010, during the Simbang Gabi, Boogie was hit by a drunk driver while he was sleeping on the street. No one saw the incident and no one really cared. Per Knight’s vet (that’s where we took Boogie, too :D), we do not know the extent of Boogie’s injuries (there may be possibilities of internal injuries — kidneys, liver, etc) but his right hip’s definitely the worst. Boogie can no longer use his hind legs and for a 4-legged creature, it is very hard to move around having to drag half your body using only your front legs.

I was first told about Boogie a month or so ago when my mom texted me all of a sudden, informing me of a dog that had been a victim of a “hit-and-run.” I was told of his situation and I didn’t really think my mom was being serious when she told me that the dog was only dragging his body around.. It’s ridiculous, isn’t it? She made me call PAWS to ask if there was any assistance or anything that they can do for Boogie. I was told that Boogie had to be brought to their facility in Quezon City and they’d check if there’s still any chance that they could help Boogie — otherwise, they’d put him to sleep.

I didn’t really care much until I actually saw Boogie with my own eyes a couple of weeks ago. He was going around, panting under the intense heat of the sun, breathing heavily and obviously having a very hard time. Being the dog lover that I am, I almost cried from witnessing such suffering. How could something so fragile be hurt like this and no one — not one soul — ever tried to help him in any way? The place where Boogie lives is some sort of a marketplace — talipapa raw — and it’s swarming with people all day long. Aspins can be seen running around everywhere and the place isn’t very..hygienic.

Upon seeing Boogie, I realized that his right hip has an open wound and it’s usually the side that he would use to drag himself around. It would be hard for my mom and I to bring Boogie to PAWS as we don’t really own a car and Quezon City isn’t exactly the next town.. I had to scratch the idea and think of something more realistic. I then talked to my mom about the possibility of bringing Boogie to the vet for a check up and she agreed. We had to settle things first with the “possible” owners who turned out to be a great disappointment as they weren’t really the owners and they could only care less if we barbecued Boogie alive. So to set things straight, we were given a go-signal to do pretty much whatever we want with him.

I remembered watching a movie once where a pug had been put on a “dog-wheelchair” from an injury. It was a comedy film actually.. but I figured Boogie could possibly have one of those.. I could make it happen! I searched the  net for ideas and coming from a third-world country, I couldn’t believe that dog-wheelchairs do exist!

I tried to check how much they were and unfortunately, they were more than I could ever afford. I pretty much had to improvise and without much sketching skills, I drew some possibilities and asked my mom to see if they were somehow..feasible. I then tried searching for alternatives and that’s when I came across a post in about sharing his/her idea on dog wheelchairs. I couldn’t believe my eyes..the poster was brilliant! PVC pipes — why didn’t I think of that? xD

24 hours later, I had my mom ask one of her helpers to buy the materials for our very own dog wheelchair for Boogie.

This is our version of a dog's wheelchair for Boogie.

*More pictures on the dog-wheelchair soon and also pics of Boogie on his new wheelchair.

We also brought Boogie to the vet today and we were told that the open wound on his right hip can no longer be stitched as the skin won’t hold it together. The vet shaved the sides of the wound and cleaned it. And because it was a big wound, they  had to sedate Boogie so he won’t feel much of it. He was so kawawa.

Boogie's Vet Bill :D

The vet was very nice to charge us for the sedatives only. *Taildocking was for Miming (Case #2).

*Due to the extent of Boogie’s wounds, I didn’t dare take pictures while he was being treated. 

He was prescribed some antibiotics, vitamin C and some antibacterial cream for the wounds.

Hopefully, Boogie would heal just fine. My mom agreed to keep him if he’d allow us to take care of him. 🙂 I pray that Boogie would be the last victim of things like this. These animals do not deserve to be abandoned and be hurt like this.

**I asked some friends to donate for Boogie’s treatment and some were very nice to share some blessings. God bless you all. 🙂